Social Sponsoring

Since most people have now moved online to some degree, with Social Media in particular, fundraising and sponsoring has started to go online as well. From the popular yet traditional cake sale or ticket sale, fundraising options are now taking advantage of the online world through programs such as social sponsoring, a modern means of raising additional funds for your club. 
An example platform that supports this new way of fundraising is, an online social fundraising platform that helps you raise funds with every online purchase made through them

How can the club benefit from social sponsoring? 
The club will benefit by getting commission on every purchase that one of its members makes though this channel. So they will have an additional revenue channel coming in with very little effort.

How does it work?
How does social sponsoring work? Well, it’s pretty simple. You create an account for your club. Once created, you will get a personalised link for your club that you can share with your club members via email or the usual social media channels. 
Invite them to shop online from a list of connected partners such as, iTunes,  Adidas, EBay, Groupon and others via your club link. Simple as that. 

A percentage of every purchase your members make will be donated to club. The great thing about it is that the price of the purchase is exactly the same, no added commissions or expenses, nothing. 

As technology becomes a bigger part of everyone’s lives, it also offers opportunities to focus on better, faster and simpler ways of fundraising for your club. Who would have known years back that through a simple online purchase of goods people can also be indirectly support their club? This is what Social Sponsoring is all about.

Welcome to the new age of fundraising: social sponsoring!
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