Raising funds for your club via CrowdFunding

The majority of fundraising is done the traditional way, staying local and getting support from the local community. This model is proven and will probably always remain the main source of raising funds for clubs.

However with the ever increasing power of the internet and with more and more of us going online via mobile devices, another channel of fundraising is featuring more with clubs. Online Fundraising. Clubs are already making use of the internet to promote fundraising events, sell tickets and much more. The latest offering in the online fundraising world is CrowdFunding.

It’s been reported that the global crowdfunding market will reach up to 20 Billion pounds in 2015. So the figures are pretty impressive and should be something that clubs consider if they are not already. 
Crowdfunding is the process of funding a project or venture by raising money from a large number of people and using internet as the vehicle to do this. The idea is young, but it’s rapidly growing in popularity. In basic terms the process is:
1.      Create a project you would like funding for. Add details of why you require the funding
2.      Then forward the details on to as many people as possible to gain as much exposure as possible
3.      People within and outside your local community then get behind the project and support it by donating online
There are a number of popular crowdfunding sites available to help your club with its fundraising project. Sites like Crowdfunding.com, KickStarter.com, IndieGogo.com, CrowdRaise.com and there are new ones coming on the scene all the time.
An example crowdfunding campaign can be seen by clicking on the link below. Northern Ireland Cross Community Angling. The project aim is to construct Northern Ireland’s first fully inclusive Fishery, with 27 disabled accessible and child safe fishing platforms.
Why not get behind this great project and show your support for it :-)

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