Quirky Fundraising Ideas

We can all agree that holding an event is a fast and effective way to raise funds.

It’s fair to say that sometimes we need something fresh to attract donations other than a cake sale, so here are a few outside the box ideas to have a think about.

Walk a mile in High Heels

Each year the Sojourner Family Peace Centre invite men to walk a mile in high heels to raise money for and awareness of domestic violence programmes. 

This idea could be adapted and tampered with by any club to create a fun day out for everyone and raise much needed funds for the club.

Who doesn’t want to see the team hard man waddling a mile in high heels? Or even full drag….there’s an idea!

 Prank Fundraiser

This is one of my personal favorites!

All you need is a flock of cheap plastic pink flamingos, garden gnomes or even a toilet spray painted gold.

First you find your target, approach a few people to “pre-order” attacks on victims of their choice.

They pay you to clutter someone’s yard with pink flamingos etc. You then strike in the dead of night leaving an explanation note as to what has happened, and more importantly why.

The victim then pays you to remove the clutter from their yard and if they want, which I’m sure they will, to target someone else.

This is a great, harmless way to get everyone involved in fundraising for your club. Get the kids involved in the cluttering/decluttering and get some videos of people’s reaction to the carnage in their yard for social media.

Slave Auction

Round up a few budding volunteers willing to do some ironing, cooking, car washing, lawn mowing or whatever other boring tasks you can think of and raffle them off to the highest bidder.

These fundraisers usually work better when you have a few personalities involved in the auction so if you can get the players involved along with one or two local personalities it should garner a lot more interest from people.

There you have it, now you can raise money and annoy people…the dream!