Inflate Your Fundraiser!

In previous blogs we have mentioned a fair few ideas for fundraising, from bun sales to vandalising the neighbour’s lawn!

If you are looking for something different to do as a fundraiser or simply add something to enhance your fundraiser, a new craze has “popped up” -  inflatable events! (see what I did there)

These inflatable venues range from pubs to casinos to hot tubs to games depending on what you are after. 

Whether you are wanting to run a casino night with a twist or simply provide an outside bar to accompany your fundraiser, these inflatables definitely add something different and should rouse some curiosity from locals.

There are also inflatable games that can be used for club fun days such as obstacle courses for the kids or gladiator and sweeper games that the big kids tend to enjoy as well.

If your club are interested in inflating their fundraising and need some help, are Ireland’s first dedicated inflatable event venue specialist.

The images you see are all from, If your club would like to add something to their fundraising you can get in touch with the guys at: 

Mobile: +353 86 273 7180



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