3 Proven Fundraising Ideas For Clubs

We all know how difficult it is to raise much needed funds for clubs, especially in the current climate. Why not try one of the 3 proven fundraising ideas below to raise some money for your local club.


A Night At The Races

Been there, done that, tell me something new. As the saying goes “if its not broken, don’t fix it”. A night at the races fundraising event is a tried and tested method for clubs raising funds over the years.
A race night is a fantastic way to raise money for your club and can prove to be a very profitable one. Its also a very fun night and combines two of the most enjoyable social activities – a day at the races with a night out with friends and club members
As part of the event, video footage of horse or greyhound races is played. Beforehand your club members can pick a runner from those listed in the programme, this can be based on their favorite name, number or just a random pick.
Don’t worry if this sounds like more work than you can handle as there are a host of dedicated companies available to assist you run your race night event. Below are just a few, you will find a lot more if you google the term ‘race night fundraiser’
Alternatively, its simple enough to co-ordinate yourself. There are plentiful suppliers out there who will sell you a race night starter pack to help you get it up and running. Here are just a few


Bake / Cake Sale

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Many of your club members will enjoy the baking part and many more will enjoy the eating part !!
Bake / Cake sales are a traditional means of raising funds for clubs, they can be great moneymakers because there is little or no actual capital required. All of the baked goods are usually donated. The 'bakers’ take pride in their work and get satisfaction from people purchasing the produce of their hard work. Its also a social event where people enjoy mingling and catching-up for a bit of chin wagging over a cup of tea and a scone, so its not only a good fundraising idea but a community event also.


Last Man / Woman Standing competition

A popular fundraising idea for sports clubs. Commonly called Last Man Standing, Killers or Survivor Pool, its a simple fundraising competition that can be run against most sporting events. The idea being that each week your competition entrants chose a team to win from a list of sporting event fixtures. If their chosen team wins they progress to the next round, however if they don’t win they are knocked out of the competition. The Last Man or Women standing is the winner. So its a combination of knowledge, strategy and good luck. Most importantly its fun and the winner gets a prize.
The Premier League and the GAA National Football League are popular sporting events that clubs usually run this competition for, however it can be run against most sporting events including your local leagues.
Historically these competitions were run offline using spreadsheets and involved a fair amount of administration effort from a club member, but now its possible to run these fundraisers online using websites such as
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