How we lifted off with the Air Ambulance

The Air Ambulance NI has launched a membership club for local supporters to join together as a community supporting this great service for the residents in Northern Ireland. Klubfunder helps clubs raise funds and how we do this for the air ambulance is by providing them with a membership payment package on our platform for FREE!

Klubfunder assists with the setting up of a chosen payment provider which is gocardless for the AANI. This feature on Klubfunder helps AANI members pay their membership online quickly, easily and at their own convenience! Members can pay anywhere in the world on the ground or up in the air providing they have internet access of course…

Why not learn more about AANI at

Help the Air Ambulance – Donate at Klubfunder today! #jointheklub

To become a member simply follow the steps below to set up your monthly direct debit:
  1. Go to
  2. Select ‘Click here to register’
  3. Choose your preferred ClubAANI amount and select ‘Add to Basket’
  4. You will see your basket appear on the right-hand side – select ‘Buy Now’
  5. Enter all details requested and continue
  6. You will receive a confirmation email from to confirm your direct debit is set up
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