Using Social Media For Your Fundraiser

I don’t have to tell you that pretty much everybody you know is on social media nowadays, you probably know what half of them had for dinner last night. #JamieRamsey LOL

But just how do you make the most of your online presence when it comes to fundraising?

Pick Your Medium

If your club doesn’t have a Facebook and/or Twitter – GET THEM! There is most definitely still a place for approaching people or “Door knocking” especially in sports clubs. However, if your club is not actively promoting fundraisers online, you’re losing out. 

Tailor Your Content

Don’t fall into the trap of posting the exact same content across your social media accounts. They all have different offerings and should therefore be used in different ways.

For example, on Twitter your homepage is one long list of short messages (no longer than 140 characters to be exact, but hey who’s counting!) which are quite boring to look at.

So, if you want your tweet to be noticed you should design a poster for your fundraiser, that way your tweet will stand out from the crowd and the key information will be clear for everyone to see.

You can then use the text on your tweet to pester people (which I’m sure you’re very skilled at) for Retweets so your post will reach a bigger audience and generate a bit of buzz for your fundraiser.

Your Facebook posts can contain more text details but should be filled with photos and videos to encourage people to take notice of what you are doing and engage. 

Facebook is a great tool in encouraging interaction with people, try to engage the people you are targeting so they start to feel like they are part of something and their opinion is valid. You may get some great fundraising ideas from people.

If your club are hosting an event, take short and silly (people get bored easily) promo videos to get people’s attention – bloopers are great. Have a steady stream of content to keep the event on peoples mind.   

If you are planning on having a large amount of visual content it may be worth creating an Instagram account to share your pictures and videos, you can then post the better ones on Facebook and Twitter.

As it’s generally a volunteer giving their time to run the social media accounts for clubs it may be the smart move to focus their attention on Facebook and/or Twitter.

It will be more beneficial to you if one social media channel is being maximized, than if three are all over the place.

It is up to the person volunteering their time as to how much they can take on, while everyone can help with the content.

If you have any fundraisers you would like us to help promote, get in touch through Facebook or Twitter or send us an e-mail at

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