It Is Time to Move On From Your Last Man Standing Spreadsheet

“It’s about time I sorted this.”

So you sit down, you open your spreadsheet and you type in the first name from the top of your list, suddenly the list seems to have grown, “Surely there’s an easier way!”

There is! provides an online platform for clubs to use that enables you to run a Last Man Standing competition with minimal fuss, oh and it’s FREE.

All you really have to do is create the competition and invite your players.

This means that all those hours usually spent filling in and updating spreadsheets, chasing the usual stragglers for that runaway tenner or sending endless reminders can now be spent promoting your fundraiser. (We help with that too!)

Klubfunder provide the facility for entrants to pay online as well as sending out reminders to entrants who are prone to picking exactly 1 minute before the deadline (usually the same pains who you are constantly chasing for the tenner!). 

Now, that’s how we make your life easier but it’s not all about you! 

By running your Last Man Standing online you open the competition up to an endless audience, simple registration means anyone who wants to join in just has to log on and sign up – more entrants = more money raised! All money is collected by your club so you keep it all. 

The downside is you don’t get to add an extra 100 friends on Facebook to keep them updated…we know deep down you loved that part of it all.

We also have our Rugby World Cup Score Predictor ready to go, why not check it out and get fundraising!

Get started now at

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